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About us

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We honestly feel that contemporary wetsuits should reflect more fun and passion on the sports they service. They should carry the spirit of those who wear them. They should eliminate hinders and let free the body. They should be bold and daring. This is also what we want to be.

For over 15 years, we have been making wetsuits for the biggest names in water sports. Now we want to move on and create our own vision of how wetsuits should be. Taking on the challenge of making better wetsuits is our mission. Providing professional customer service is also what we want to achieve.

Scubadonkey is our debut. We will be launching 2 more brands in the next 12 months. Aqua Polo is positioned to be our high-end surfing/diving suits brand while Aquis Lunae will be a state of the art triathlon suit.

Our factory is located in China so we use Amazon FBA to provide our customers with prompt and reliable delivery. We are also expanding to the UK and Australia this year.